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How do you stand out at trade shows?

Danny Schaffer I help startups find and convert better prospects through LinkedIn

December 22nd, 2017

Conferences and trade shows require a substantial investment from any company looking to exhibit. I found some nice ideas from a company called ZUUS who've been able to get a decent ROI from the trade show they attend. Things like:

  • Going big by investing in a racing simulator and giving prizes to the fastest laps
  • Giving out swag that isn't dorky and generic, they mention bright bags that attendees can use to carry around all their stuff at the trade shows.
  • Putting up a banner with a sexy looking product shot that shows the product in situ


I'd love to know how a few of you in this community have been able to generate real results from trade shows.

Lance Mcnally Cofounder and Ceo of Tradeshowoverflow.com

December 22nd, 2017

The best way you can fully get a return on a trade show especially one you have never attended. Walk the floor and see what works best for that particular show, even industry shows differ from venue to venue so be selective of which shows you will exhibit. Take note of who has the larger exhibit and why? Are they a recognizable industry name or are they launching a new product? Most importantly look at your competition and take note of how they present themselves and watch their traffic flow. See how they engage prospects and learn. A trade show is similar to business and location plays a key role. You don't have to be the biggest just the right message in the right place. Exhibitng can be extremely costly so finding the right way to present yourself at the right price can be challenging. There are many way to save money on pre-show costs if you put the time into it. Its a time consuming task and is the reason why many larger corporations have dedicated employees to oversee it. More and more businesses are popping up focused on saving money in the trade show and events industry. As a veteran for over 15 years in the industry, I recognized the dire need for a way to save..Hence www.tradeshowoverflow.com. I hope that helps a little...always open to talk trade show so message anytime..

Mukund Kolhatkar Co-founder

January 23rd, 2018

There is a company by the name of Design Pickle. The founder of the company went up on stage wearing the outfit of a pickle looking like one by itself. He did that at a few occassions... Something creative like that can work like hell. It's a multi million dollar agency now! Let's see if I recollect something else. We suggest these ideas to our clients. We suggest ideas like balloons releasing during peak hours, pledge banner gettng people to sign etc. Will let you know if something else comes up... Good Luck!