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How do you A/B test for SEO?

Ryan Weldon Founder/CEO at Breakable

December 21st, 2015

Earlier this year, I read an interesting article regarding Pinterest’s work with SEO experiments and how there are key benefits from this type of testing. Although it all sounded very fascinating and like a great idea I was curious how exactly does A/B testing for SEO work given that it can take months to see results? Would love to hear from people who have done it.

Shobhit Verma Ed Tech Test Prep

December 21st, 2015

I think Ryan is talking about this article

Right after this was posted, I discussed with some friends an opportunity to create a product to democratize this. We quickly came to the conclusion that it is not worth it for most of the companies unless you have enough traffic to statistically take away affect of other factors that influence your google page rank. We decided not to pursue it.
A good discussion is here ->

Richard Harris Top 25 Inside Sales Leader, Public Speaker, 40 Most Inspiring Leader, Sales Trainer, Start-Up Advisor, SalesHacker

December 21st, 2015

Not sure which article you read so if you have that it may be useful. I can actually speak positively about Pinterest. Part of what Pinterest has done is use a tool called Yozio. I was working with Yozio at the time and essentially Yozio allows you to bypass the black box of the appstore. 

By using Yozio on many of the Pinterest SEO links they could easily determine which SEO items were actually delivering new users and focus energy there. 

The one thing I remind folks is that yes, A/B testing SEO works. The challenge in many cases is that companies refuse to realize the amount of time it takes for anything doing with SEO.

Hope this helps.