how can I propose new feature to instagram?

Leman Asadli Young entrepreneur

July 29th, 2018

Hello, I have a suggestion about instagram like adding new feature. But I dont now whom to apply. Should I directly make connection with Instagram, if yes, how? or can this idea be introduced in the form of startup? Please help me.

Ok Bye .

July 29th, 2018

you should see this video from Guy Kawasaki ( one of steve jobs colleagues )

you should not share your valuable ideas to a company that is accused of ripping ideas from other companies such as snapchat, even if you get a patent for it, its very unlikely that you would be rewarded for it

once you share your idea , you are of no value to them

for startup:-

surely you can , if you believe in your idea , you can build a whole new ecosystem around it.

you can pick up a free tool like Adobe XD , and make a concept of proof (design the User Interface etc ) and then you can make your own application design around it (make your own business strategy )

find some people who can work with you, to make it to reality

(the road ahead is a tough one )

Max Liu Founder and CEO

July 29th, 2018

Hi, I think you can send e-mail to insta, they may accept your idea.

David M

July 30th, 2018

If you are wanting to give a company an idea for free, then disclose it to them. Otherwise protect your idea as best you can by building around it, and when you have some sort of leverage then you can approach them through a strategic channel. Years ago, I had some ideas for a product I was using. Granted at the time I had no time, intent or interest to pursue compensation for it. BUT, in hindsight I should have because after I spoke with the CEO, 2-3 weeks later, it was front page on their webpage and an entire marketing campaign built around what the CEO had told me "was a great idea. we haven't thought of that" So the lesson learned is unfortunately people are not as generous, fair, or ethical as they should be. An ethical CEO would utilize your idea and bring you in, to compensate you for your brilliance.

What will happen in most cases is the mind will say, "This is a great idea for a feature...but its just that and its not able to be implemented without our company which we have spent years building....its really our company that makes this little idea even worth anything..."

Regarding building a company, I personally would be hesitant to build a company around a feature IF it can only be used with Instagram. However, if it is something that can be used with other companies or it is a feature that is so differentiated and valuable in its function, perhaps you can build a company around it....then build your base and let Instagram buy you and your company.