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Getting a first investor for an online funding round

Al Costa Founder of TeknTrash. Sold my first company to NASDAQ-listed Fusion Networks. Looking for CFO :)

June 12th, 2020

We just started a funding round at Angels Den. So far no one has pitched in, and that´s understandable since we just started.

However, I´d like to get a first investor there as soon as possible in order to "break the ice" and get the funds asap.

Any ideas on how to get this first person?

Paul Benedetto Many time entrepreneur, advisor and financial guy

June 12th, 2020

Hi. In general, I subscribe to the numbers approach - the more outreach you perform, the better your odds for success. In a brief review of your profile on Angels Den, my initial reaction is that your product has a niche market appeal - I would want to know more details about how you plan to acquire customers, what traction you have thus far, etc. Pricing feels loose and high vs. perceived benefit. What coverage does your tech have - I can't tell how complete of solution this is? The pitch materials are a good start, but I don't yet see a strong cohesiveness. I also wonder where else you are pitching, as Angels Den does not appear to have a very wide audience. If it were me, I would build a sales database of potential customer leads, as well as investors to pitch to, directing them to Angel Den when warranted, etc.

Henry FRSA Managing Director, Positive Profile Limited

June 16th, 2020

Why don't you offer to name the project after the first investor - or seed it yourself via a family member or friend with a different last name?

Olakanmi John Aremu Cofounder & CEO of Hedge & Gold Limited

June 12th, 2020

What do you do at Angels Den please. I am Olakanmi

Lisa Cutter Marketing Maven

June 12th, 2020

Hi Al. What have you done to promote your presence on Angels Den thus far?