Freeing up gray matter


April 12th, 2012

I\'m currently a little stuck for ideas. I\'ve tried a few techniques
but nothing seems to be working at the moment. What do other people do
to get the ideas flowing?



April 13th, 2012

IMHO, you should be seeking a problem, not an idea.

Problems are everywhere, you have them every day. Make a list of the
awful experiences you or friends have had in life:
- Registering for college classes and trying to get the schedule to
- Registering for gifts or buying gifts for a wedding
- Making plans to meet friends at a certain place or time
- Booking a family vacation

With a list of things that are "broken" you can figure out what might
be fixed, how, and if someone would pay money to make that problem go
away. It\'s not a quick process but it\'s guaranteed to dig up
*something* you are passionate about changing.

Best of luck,

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