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Forming a team to develop a web based e-health software

sam Ambitious developer interested in start ups

February 16th, 2017

Hi Fellas,

After working in the IT departments of the health sector for six years, I have gained enough information and guidance on how things out to be. I am from East Africa region and recently did healthcare management course to support my experience from a health perspective. For years, I struggled to find an e-health system that is easy to maintain and upgrade. I have tested open source and custom built applications, which are great but require time to deploy in the next hospital.

So, I decided to start my own project, which is frankly great. I got deployment promises from two major hospitals in fact based on prototype. The problem is the project is obviously big. It would be impractical for me to finish it alone at least soon nor it would be easy to maintain.

My problem is do I inspire technical people to join my team? I asked at least nine programmers in Rwanda (I moved there) but they all said "the project will take time", "the health sector has no money". Sure, I don't have an upfront money nor at this stage is a matter for me. I just want to create a software that will solve the problem that I saw in four countries of the region.

How do I inspire my fellow programmers to join the project when I cant pay them now?