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Explainer video - real life video or animation?

Muamer Avdic

March 2nd, 2016

I am in the process of making an explainer video, but I wanted to hear other peoples opinions on which ones work better?  I would love to hear from people that have experience in making one, the other or both & what kind of data they have gathered on which method of video engages the users more/ leads to more sign ups.


Thomas Buchan Freelance Cinematographer

March 2nd, 2016

Hi Muamer,
I think it's more about how well the video or animation is executed. If you look at Slack for example, they have enlisted both approaches with great success because the messaging is so well done. One consideration is that animation might cost a little bit more...

David Jacoby Co-Founder at Hostfully

March 2nd, 2016

We just made an explainer video ourselves, and went through the same questions. Contrary to what Thomas said, I actually thought a cartoon / animation is cheaper than a "real life" video. My personal feeling was that animation is the safer route...it's hard to go wrong, but also hard to be amazing. A real life video, on the other hand, is risky: if done poorly, it could look really, really bad. But when done well, it's usually better than an animation.

We hired Pixel Valley Studio (http://pixelvalleystudio.com/) and it was a pleasure working with them throughout the whole process. They were involved in the initial brainstorming stages, gave great advice as to which option we should go with, and did a bang-up job creating and producing it. Very reasonably priced, too. I highly recommend them.

You can view the end result on our homepage, www.hostfully.com.

Thomas Buchan Freelance Cinematographer

March 2nd, 2016

Reviewing Shyam's links, it looks like you can actually get some great, 2D animations executed relatively cheaply. It's likely best to chat to some local business associates and get some referrals. I would then contact a few of your top picks, let them know your goals and budget and request a proposal/pitch. If you are happy with their previous work, the proposal and the manner in which they communicate with you then you are likely in good hands.

If you want to work with a Canadian animation company I can recommend a couple folks but for live-action you're best to source locally.

Shyam S Helping Startups and Corporate Unleash the Power of Video Marketing

March 2nd, 2016

Hi Muamer

The following articles might be of help to you. The first article will help you in choosing the video type as per your need at this point in time and the second article will guide you in terms of the script for your video which is the most significant part of video making and the one that decides the fate of the video.



Lee McRae Founder @ Wondar Ltd

March 18th, 2017

If you're still in the market for a video, or know someone who is I create animated and screen recorded videos; amongst other things. I would very much appreciate it if you took a look at my business, www.wondar.co.uk

I make high quality videos at a very low price. My costs are low because my business is a start-up; however, I am a professional, I have been making videos for other large animation agencies for years. My prices are going to remain low – pretty much zero margin – until I get some presence in the market. Currently, I make videos for one of the UK biggest online retailers and I am a safe pair of hands. Also you can find work I have completed for competitor animation studios on my Vimeo page if you search for Lee McRae.