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Entrepreneurship - is it what one makes should be liked by all or vice versa?

Rohit Sanghi

April 17th, 2017

Hi Everybody, I am new to this forum, experienced lot of things in life, been an entrepreneur from 21yrs of age, that's a brief picture about myself.

Today there is lot of action going around in the start up stage, I speak to lot of guys with great ideas and myriad innovations but very few make it to the top - 1 or 2 maybe go thru the ceiling, when I analyzed this all innovations are great with wonderful ideas but when it comes to commercials they are either too early or too late few of them get trampled with better innovations.

I would like to ask this forum and entrepreneurs, when you start to build upon an idea what do you see as the first thing - (My creation or demand creation), let me explain when "Pay tm" started it was "my creation" the promoter had to use all his capabilities & marketing skills to create demand for his innovation but the market was just not ready for his product, then De-monetisation happened and overnight it changed from my creation to demand creation, after that lot off other apps have come wherein a few have got trampled.

Therefore my question to the forum is if I have a great idea (Social Network site) that has "demand creation" capabilities with clear monetisation road map, what will be the hidden pitfalls?