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Effective ways to promote referrals?

justin ling .

October 27th, 2017

Currently working on a landing page. What are some effective ways to increase customer referrals?

Ashwin Kumaar Founder and CEO @Winfantrace®

October 28th, 2017

Increase in the customer referrals being your outcome :

My view on this would be that your interaction with the customer must have a certain flow. As on what i see now, marketing is what you're focusing on through various angles. Working on your existing clients to build a relationship of trust and connect with them and give them the service that is expected by them as well.

Generally, people share and express their emotion happy or sorrow .

In this case its easier for them to share when they are happy about the service and the trust and credibility of your work increases . This makes it easier for a referral and a sure shot business as well.

Referrals and repetitive business from existing clients talks about it all .

Refer meaning to mention. So make your business worth mentioning about to others that people speak off .

Just marketing it on social media, landing page, etc might just get you a connect and not a referral.

Theres a huge difference between them .

When a person refers your business to someone it can either be a

  • Connect
  • Referral

A connect is where you may or may not do business since it may be a cold referral or either on temporary liking towards it .

Whereas when a person refers you to someone it means they are in need of it and thats when business happens.

This further turns into repetitive business and you make money and also keep the customers happy .

All you need to be consistent about is to have a good and healthy relation with customers, understanding and creating a rapport and increase the trust and credibility over time.

Hoping you have a great Quarter ahead and do good business .

Good luck

Logan Herzog Facebook/Instagram Lead Gen For Startups

October 27th, 2017

I've tried a lot of different referral campaigns. I think they work best when there is some kind of 1-on-1 interaction with the customer at some point in the process. One way to streamline this would be creating a facebook campaign that drives people to a messenger conversation. These conversations can be completely automated (though I would recommend only automating about 80-90% of it to ensure a human touch). When people feel like they interact with your brand, they are more comfortable sharing it with others.

Every time you solve a customer service ticket, or field a question from a prospective buyer, ask for a referral at the end. With tools like Facebook, it shouldn't require crazy amounts of time to manage.

Good luck!