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Does this business exist in the US?


October 16th, 2020

Would it be something that would work and utilized as opposed to spending more on google ads or is the US market completely different?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

October 17th, 2020

I don't know anything about the site you listed. The effectiveness of digital advertising depends on several factors. 1) is it where your customers hang out when they're considering products like yours 2) do they make decisions based on ads 3) is your ad compelling

In broad terms, EVERY market is completely different. Even within the US there are many different markets. National retailers know they cannot use the same ads in the northeast as in the south, the midwest, or the west. Each of those markets has different tastes and styles, and they regard advertising differently. Not only is the US a different market, the US has several different markets within it. The same can be said of any country with a significant population or distributed land mass. Needs and wants aren't the same. You must test each market you want to enter and treat it as new.

There are some things Google Ads will never do well in and some things for which it does fine. Some products are appropriate to advertise on TV, or radio, or in print, or in other channels. The fundamental point is that you have to understand your audience, where they are when they are considering, and be in those places. You don't advertise on Facebook if people aren't thinking about your type of product when they're on Facebook. So use FB to advertise a new digital camera or an adventure vacation, but don't use it to advertise HAM Radio components or office supplies.