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Does the ride-share industry need a fresh start? How so?

Zuri D. Creating a new way to do ride-share.

Last updated on May 7th, 2020

I am looking to recreate the way we do ride-share. Creating an app that does more for its user than just ordering a ride. I want my company to provide a one of a kind service for our clients and our drivers.

From more experienced entrepreneurs and investors, I'd love to hear your opinion about the current ride-share industry and how you think it could be improved.

Andrew Chalk Co-Founder of a startup. CEO of a startup. CTO of a Hedge Fund. Quantitative Researcher. Superb COO.

May 8th, 2020

The biggest thing the industry needs is state and city governments beholden to Big Taxi to get out of the way. Ride sharing was one of the biggest benefits to ordinary people to come out of Internet 3. Ride-sharing, particularly in its forthcoming autonomous mode, is public transport of the future.

Incidentally, your proposal sounds like Alto.



Jesse Tayler App Store Inventor, Startup Entrepreneur

May 12th, 2020

address the problem of safety in the post-corona world.

Gaurav Need a BDM for ASEAN Market

May 14th, 2020

Uber is the leader, but they have a drawback which everyone knows about. Drivers are not getting paid a reasonable amount. I am not in the USA, but a consumer is a consumer everywhere. If you can price the ride-sharing lower than the solo drive and make the car move with full capacity, you can pay drivers more than the uber, and you can advertise it as the same. Ride with us, we not only take care of our customers but we also take care of our riders (Smiling drivers)

If I am a daily commuter on a particular route, I want my cab on a specific time every day.

If I am going towards the airport, the flight time is fixed, I need to leave at a particular time and won't mind sharing the cost knowing the driver is getting paid with the right amount.

Zuri D. Creating a new way to do ride-share.

May 14th, 2020

Gaurav that is a good point. Seeing how time management could be a good focal point with ride-share. Especially when a driver cancels on a client inconveniently. Very good point.

Curt Sahakian Attorney

Last updated on May 14th, 2020

1. " With all the fees taken from drivers, these companies are still struggling with profit retention. " Zuri

That definitely is the case. But there is no good reason for that. They seem to be squandering a lot of money on pie in the sky. And the rest goes to fixing an endless stream of self made problems.

That basic app is not all that complicated to build or maintain. Much of it can be assembled with existing software and APIs.

There is no customer support to speak of. Uber deserves and needs to be disintermediated by a more efficient and less greedy competitor. One that optimizes rider and driver loyalty.

2. "The biggest thing the industry needs is state and city governments beholden to Big Taxi to get out of the way." Andrew Chalk

LOL there is no more "Big Taxi" ohhh and no more "Unions" either they are all gone, pretty much dead.

You need someone else to blame.

Zuri D. Creating a new way to do ride-share.

Last updated on May 11th, 2020

I think that's an interesting idea! I assume the rides on that route would be cheaper than the average cost of a ride? How would that work? @Greyson Cole

Zuri D. Creating a new way to do ride-share.

May 12th, 2020

A great idea Jesse. Seeing the articles and surveys taken about ride-sharing in a post-corona world was definitely a shock. My goal is to address safety in ride-share and healthcare is absolutely a part of that.

Aaron Lev The "Nerd Brain" - Website Development, Lead Automation and Closing Sales

May 12th, 2020

I'm not sure what can be done if you need a taxi on the spot, however, for repeat rides, it might be interesting to do a one-time carpool sharing.

If you are at a hotel and need a ride to the airport, or you are at work and need a ride home, you could schedule the ride, then other people could join you on the trip to share in the costs.

Zuri D. Creating a new way to do ride-share.

May 13th, 2020

@Aaron Lev, so to actually split the fare going when arriving or departing from the same location? Instead of just paying a lower cost?

Simon Papineau Investor looking for a technical co-founder to do something in FinTech, EdTech, or ML

Last updated on May 13th, 2020

The real problem of the ride-share industry is that drivers do not earn a living wage once all expenses are factored in. That's a hard one to fix though.

But otherwise the "on-demand - whenever you need - go anywhere you want" model that Uber currently offers is pretty hard to beat. What is your plan to go leaps and bounds above that?

Edit: @Andrew. Come on, there is no need to insult anyone. Please stay civill. We're talking constructively here. And you are right - it wasn't an economics comment, it's a humanity comment.

I talk to all my Uber drivers. The terms under which they are "employed" by Uber are pretty unfavourable and they don't make take home much at the end of the day considering their efforts, expenses, and the toll on their vehicles. Uber has set the floor pretty low and it's a shame. That's all I was saying.