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Do You Know SiteSpect?


March 21st, 2016

SiteSpect is our closest competitor and it keeps coming up in sales pitches. We know about it what's available on its website, which is not much. If you happen to have experience with it or willing to share actual product documentation, please get in touch -- I'd appreciate a chance to chat.
Many thanks in advance,

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March 21st, 2016

Why would someone tell you this and you just disclosed your rival that you are lagging behind. In my opinion, just by posting this here you just gave them another shout-out! 

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March 21st, 2016

I've never used your company, or it's competitor. I have done A/B testing for some websites. If I may share what I see...

SiteSpect's site is easy to find. Their name is name, Variant's is also a term, and all of your competitors seem to have pages called /variant, as in multi-variant testing. I only found Variant's site when I put your name in as well.

SiteSpect's site is clearly meant for biz owners and non technical types. It's more of a marketing sell. Variant's site treats A/B testing and related services as a complex, technical system. While it may be true that it is, owners, non technical, marketing types are going to go for the option that seems to require less data and tech skills.

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March 21st, 2016

Do you know who/titles are the probable 1st screeners, adopters, users of your type of product and why they would use it?

Get that part straight and then on the landing page, use 3-4 bullets that each focus on one of their critical needs. Then make each a link go to the page that answers that need, how in lay-person's terms it does and ask for an opportunity to talk-give them a way to do that.

Have you validated the appropriate audience specific approach re their concerns, not yours so you know how to appeal to them? Dont assume this and dont build web pages, online presence, reachouts based on telling what you assume to be the "reasons, benefits, valued results and why" to use 
you. Features are irrelevant if they are not aiming at real buying audiences.

Do all of the above and then review your competition's use of it v how you could use what you find to be and seem better for your target markets.

  • How about proactive marketing done in a way so you get to great ideal prospects and dont even have worry about facing competition.
  • see this