Do you keep an executive journal? What do you put in it?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

Last updated on January 31st, 2018

Today I received an email message from CFL about executive journals that included an article and some recommendations of journal types. http://info.cofounderslab.com/journaling-for-executives

Have you used an executive journal? What kind? How did it benefit you?

I used to keep an idea log, sort of like a journal, when I was the marketing director for other companies. It was my place to remember that I had ideas of things to try, so I could get back to them when I wasn't otherwise facing immediate demands. I would go through them every couple months (or more often) when I was feeling stuck and looking for inspiration. What amazed me was that I thought of some of these things and didn't remember them until I re-read the notes. I've kept all of them I created over the last 15 years and I look back once in a while when I'm stuck on stuff that's unrelated, and can often find inspiration even from the unrelated work. This stack of composition notebooks sits on my work bookshelf and each has a title from the company it was for. Not quite open a book and put your finger on a random passage, but interesting nonetheless.

What do you do that works? Which issues does journaling help you conquer?