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Digital Nomads - How to start and run a completely location independent online company in EU?

Zlatko Alomerovic Electrical Engineer. Software Developer. Teacher. Judoka.

Last updated on June 5th, 2017

I am interested in starting an online, location independent, company in EU or Worldwide.

I am currently living in a no-EU country but I do have EU citizenship. I am looking forward having my own side business: building MVPs for startups and also to be able to work on my own ideas. The main reason is to have a legitimate way of conducting online businesses of all kinds: selling tutorials, products, consulting services, web development services, digital marketing services etc., with one tax authority and lower financial costs.

I am aware of the need to incorporate business at one location (main office), but I don't want to rent the space for that company. Also, I want to pay the bookkeeper or financial services on a per-earn basis and not on monthly basis, and that means if I don't earn money I don't have to pay any taxes or costs.