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Cofounderslab Houston local meeting

Adeseye Omole Serial Entrepreneur - YPSOURCE, Coble Studios and others

March 26th, 2019

What do you think about hosting a local meeting in Houston. (maybe one a month).

A forum where we can

- to meet in person

- share ideas and strategies as founders

- pitch presentations and investors

- discussions

- collaboration

- mixer

and other suggestions

If I get enough interest from Houston CFL members, I can use my office as meeting space which can seat about 65 people.

What do you think??

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

March 27th, 2019

CFL previously hosted regular in-person meeetings in major cities. Attendance was mixed, the difficulty being that most everyone was looking for advice or support and very few if any attending to offer advice or support. These in-person meetings were ended in favor of existing options major cities already offer to entrepreneurs. Check your local co-working spaces, Meetup, and similar resources. My guess is that if your city is anything like others, you'll find a few DOZEN meetings every month for entrepreneurs that are already organized and running. No specific advantage to having only CFL members. In other words, don't reinvent the wheel. Washington, DC by the way, 43 meetings per month. Considering Houston is 4x the size of DC, you should have no trouble finding quite a collection to choose from.