Can I sue an incubator for copying my idea?

Fahad Uddin Computer systems engineer and investor

April 6th, 2017

I submitted my idea to an incubator and they agreed to grant me some funds but not as much as I was thinking so I backed away from the deal. Now they are themselves launching the same product.

Maxine Pierson CEO, MJ BIOTECH, INC.

April 16th, 2017

You can sue anyone for anything- just exactly how much are the purported damages-

What sort of revenues are/were you making with your Idea?DId they make a written offer?

AND if you win the litigation des the Incubator have any assets that you can attach? I presume that would not willingly honor a civil judgment.

Juan Galvany Juan Tatay Director en Kanteron (desarrollo software mercado "healthcare")

April 19th, 2017

And following the anonymous proposal to get back to them…and get involved in development and equity. They could need you if the idea is radical or disruptive. If it is an iteration of previous services/products then it could be more easy for them to move along without you.

If the second is true your chances to succeed were fewer asnd maybe that's the reason they didn't want to invest mora than they offered.

Fred Davis Helps startups start up. Mentor: UploadVR & Runway

April 17th, 2017

Ideas can't be patented or copyrighted. Ideas aren't really worth anything. Only executing on the idea makes it valuable, and the value is based on your execution, not the idea.

Louis Alley Senior Software Engineer at Grokker, Inc.

April 6th, 2017

I'm not a lawyer, and I definitely don't play one on TV, but unless you had them sign some kind of strong NDA, ideas are cheap. It's execution that matters. If you had a patent, maybe this is a different story?

Dane Madsen Organizational and Operational Strategy Consultant

April 7th, 2017

This is exactly why VCs et. al. do not sign NDAs, and why you never share IP about your secret sauce without them committing more to the discussion.

Leigh Goodwin

April 16th, 2017

If you had a prototype, trademark, copyright or had the idea in practice in some way you might have recourse. I was instructed by an experienced Engineer to share benefits rather than recipes, methods process of your idea.


April 17th, 2017

Maybe you can talk to them again and say you want to reach an agreement. I think, if you have some type of proof, sharing your negative experience would not be good for their brand name (Note: I don't now who they are)

Todd Oliver Proven Sales Leader, Process Implementator

April 17th, 2017

Depends what you have in writing. If you don't think Judge Judy would give you money, I would have to let it go.

Reyner Dsouza Big Data Strategy Consultant and OD Expert

April 10th, 2017

Do you have any proof that you submitted them this idea?

Raditya Budianto Founder, Technical

April 21st, 2017

hahaha, suing for an idea is very stupid bro. Good idea is everywhere, turn good idea into operating business model thats the hard one. It just an idea also, you can look for another one.