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Can I hire a great Managing Director for just equity?

Charlotte Rogers Co-founder, Product Manager, Managing Director

Last updated on February 15th, 2018

I launched my company Aquatiser almost 4 years ago when I graduated university and thought of an idea to create innovative water bottles that infuse fruit and water. Aquatiser was the first fruit infuser patented water bottle to UK market. Since then I have successfully built the business into what it is now.

I am now looking for an entrepreneurial, passionate and ambitious Managing Director to come on board to reshape the company and drive sales. The position is a blank canvas and very flexible. All stock and orders are handled by our fulfilment warehouse, so no management of staff needed. Just purely looking for a business driven individual to take ownership of the company and review the marketing strategy.

What would be the difficult part is paying an Managing Director typical salary. Is it even possible to hire for just equity?

Marko Tiosavljevic CEO at Cloud Industry

Last updated on February 16th, 2018

Charlotte, you have Very interesting product.

I am willing to discuss about this, can you ping me via messages. Thanks.

Charlotte Rogers Co-founder, Product Manager, Managing Director

February 16th, 2018

Thank you for your answer, I have many reasons why that is not the case for this opportunity, which I would be happy to discuss privately.

And yes it would be a brilliant opportunity for someone to take ownership on this project.

David M

February 17th, 2018

If you are referring to the managing director to mean CEO then anything is possible and yes you should expect to give a respectable amount of equity to a CEO who is going to basically take over your company and run it into success. Whether or not you can get him only on equity will depend on a lot of elements..where your company is, how much revenue you currently have..etc. No respectable CEO is going to see a company with significant net profit and agree to work for only equity. BUT then again, maybe you find one who has enough income or net worth that they are willing to forgo salary in exchange for a bigger piece of equity.

I would want to see your business plan and do a full review of your company before I agreed to one form of compensation.

David M

February 17th, 2018

Charlotte, Ok so I read your magazine article, and now I see where you are a little better. So what I would suggest is first not to hire anyone without having them look at your business plan and offer a strategic approach to all areas of the business plan, operations, marketing, financial, etc. Second, you have enough of a foundation that I think you can probably find someone to come in on equity alone. So you went on the show…and that’s an example of what I mentioned prior. You get an investor like that they can actually house the company and pay operating costs in exchange for equity. In such a case, they will likely hire on a CEO and infuse the needed capital to pay their salary. BTW, the investor stating you can just put fruit in the bottle, was my first thought. However, who cares? Almost every product out there has a different, less expensive alternative. That’s like saying “Why pay more for this designer glass when you can use a paper cup.” Its called choices and differing desires and needs which the guy on the show did not get or just didn’t care to see. BUT, if you want to go the other route..with less established less equity…that is possible too. What I would suggest in that route is to add the incentive of percentage of sales, especially direct and new sales. Give the CEO a more immediate sight of compensation than equity. So if he goes out there and sets up a major account, he is getting major bank as he develops that revenue stream.

So for example, a few thoughts that came to mind. Fruit producers. Market your bottle in a way that helps sell fruit so there is a tie in there. Do a cross marketing approach. Reach out to the CEO of one of the major fruit producers and say, “We would like to build a partnership that centers on the health of fruit. In so doing we would like to share our revenue with you any time a water bottle is sold with your fruit. We want to do a testrun. We think it can improve sales for you.” Now hold on to that thought…for a minute. Have a baby line or child’s line. Banana shaped and designed bottle, one that has an apple design incorporated etc. There is a whole revenue stream that can be created there.

Your not for profit side of things. You can connect to water organization and bring in fruit to that to add to nutrients of those without water. There are a few places I can think of with that. Now circle back and broker a pre packaged fruit for vending machines in public and in highschool to be used in your water bottle. So now when you are going to the fruit producers, you are presenting them with a more direct revenue channel for THEM, for which in tandem you will greatly increase your own sales.

Make sense? Feel free to connect. Happy to consider more. Key here though is in your business plan your SWOT analysis and evaluating your competitors and other similar patents.


sutapa das Teacher, Co-founder of Cheap thrills, Business developer, Business management, Coding,Web developer

February 16th, 2018

Well I guess it is possible to hire for just equity. Now a day many tech related companies work on equity as well as traditional payments. So there are opportunity for start up to hire someone on equity.

P.S- I may be wrong in your case but if the value is good enough then a foresighted manager will not loose opportunity and go for it.