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Can a technical co-founder build an Airbnb-like platform?

Rene Joergensen Looking to build an interesting start up

March 29th, 2017

I got an idea for a platform that does experience sharing and I would like it to look like Airbnb. I have heard that the Airbnb platform is expensive, so I would like to know if its realistic of me to think that one technical co-founder can build it? It can start as an MVP, but needs extensive functionality. For experience sharing check out Airbnb's Host an Experience initiative.

Lane Campbell I baked a unicorn cake once.

March 29th, 2017

It's not unrealistic to expect one person to replicate the look of a large platform so long as you hand designs to them. It's completely unrealistic for you to expect one person to replicate functionality of a large platform with a lot of features in a timely and/or scalable manner.

Anonymous Looking for a partner to share the profit

Last updated on March 29th, 2017

YES, if you give them the needed time and motivate them with your leadership ....

But probably more realist if it is many devs with someone managing the project and a scrum master handling the PBIs, and you sitting on the table as the customer. Agile it and attend the stand ups... and never miss a 'show and tell'

Reyner Dsouza Big Data Strategy Consultant and OD Expert

March 30th, 2017

I have the same answer for you that I had for another question and I am going to quote it as is: " Hello Chris, I really like your question and would like to suggest you something as a technology based consultant. Don't look for a co-founder unless its required. Most technical people will help you code but there will be a point where they might want to be a project manager or you might feel that the product is mature and you don't need one. At that point of time you shouldn't regret having one. What you need is a project manager/business Analyst/consultant who has a technology background. They are business focused people who will help your company grow. There are consultants like me who come in, help you for a short period of time till the product has matured and then move out to our next project. If you need help coding there are ways to get that for cheap or even for free. Let me know what sort of help you are exactly looking for and I can help you come up with a methodology to search for a person or recommend you one. "