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Best way to find a good webmaster?


May 20th, 2018

Looking to build a front-end website and/or mobile app. Any suggestions as to the best forum for vetting potential freelancers or companies?

Also, any suggestions as to what questions to ask to better vet them?

Thank you!

Alejandro Duque Hey, Im Alejandro. I work everyday on building something I'm very passionate about.

Last updated on June 5th, 2018

We are a couple of non technical founders. When we first began our journey the hardest and first problem we had to solve was where to find tech engineers to help us develop our idea.

We decided to subcontract the work and not bring in any technical employees we might have to give equity to. The first team we hired was local. Even though it was more expensive than a remote team, we felt that it was important to be as involved as possible, and that felt more difficult to attain with a team somewhere across the world. Long story short, it didnt work out with this first team. We wasted half a year and a lot of money.

We then tried to hire individual / freelancers. That didnt work either.

Basically, we spent a lot of money and time making mistakes but eventually we found a team based in Eastern Europe that we felt comfortable taking a chance on. It turned out it was significantly cheaper than the local talent, for the same skill level. We've been with this team for 2 Years now and couldn't be happier. We get to build our idea for a reasonable price while retaining all equity, which gives us much more leverage when the time comes for a proper seed / series A round.

My suggestion is to try and find overseas talent and hire a local consultant to test their technical skill level. You will end up saving a lot of money and have much more control of your company.

If youd like the info for the company we use, shoot me a message, i dont want to hijack your thread with spam.