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Best places to stay in Silicon Valley

Hasan Ali Khan Cofounder & CTO @ Merxius - building enterprise Augmented & Virtual Reality products

April 20th, 2019

I'm travelling to Silicon Valley and will be staying there for a three weeks. I'm looking for accommodation options. I've found a couple of options (Startup Basecamp etc) but they're in SF and I don't think I can do the commute into SV regularly.

There was a list here earlier but almost all the options on it are now defunct:

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

April 22nd, 2019

Good luck, unfortunately the Discuss board isn't sorted in a way that will attract people who are geographically familiar with SV to offer you timely advice about a very obscure topic. You are more likely to find an targeted audience who would see your message on Reddit, or even on the local edition of Craigslist for the Bay Area.

Yes, the previous topic you found is 4 years old and not likely to be very relevant anymore.

You also offered no guidance on what criteria you're hoping to satisfy, so answers, if any, are going to be wild guesses. It sounds like you're not interested in CL or AirBnB, so I have no personal suggestions for you. Some major travel sites now include non-hotel accommodation options among the hotel listings.