Are startups willing to work with agencies for their technology needs?

Krishna Vattipalli Founder and CEO, Imaginnovate Techsolutions

February 4th, 2016

Startups have two issues...time to market and funding. Technology resources cost a lot these days and tech resources are in high demand. Some startups worry about reliability and speed of delivery when working with agencies. Considering these issues, which factors influence a startup to consider working with a technology agency?

Rob G

February 4th, 2016

1. trust:  can you do what you say you can do when you say you can do it? 
2. cost: 
3. communication: regardless if we speak the same language, do we have a common understanding.  When you say "it's finished" is it really 'finished' in a high-quality manner? 
4. quality: when all is said and done will what you build stand up, scale (to the extent agreed upon) and is it coded, commented and documented well enough to transition to my full-time team?