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Are B2B software directories effective?

Michael Jung Product at Lincoln Loop

December 8th, 2014

I've been working on getting my SaaS product listed in B2B directories like Capterra, GetApp, SaaSmax, and G2 Crowd. We're now listed about a dozen of these, and I've sat through more than a few followup sales calls pitching advertising on the sites. They seem to make sense, like they're Yelp for people looking for software solutions, and you're buying advertising for your product as if you were buying ads for your restaurant on Yelp.

However, organic traffic referrals from those sites are virtually non-existent. We're willing to try limited advertising if it works, but are super hesitant to commit to something like a fixed spend per month that some places are asking when we don't have any indication that advertising would be effective.

Anyone have any success with B2B directories and could share insights on how to properly leverage to obtain more customers?

Joseph Salesky ceo & co-founder at ustyme

December 9th, 2014

Michael, I think you are correct that the directories serve a purpose when people are using them to search for solutions or create an RFP. While advertising might help, you will likely get more bank-for-your-buck by joining groups on linkedin related to your solution and the value it delivers for specific target verticals and sharing pertinent news/insights.  Likely you have additional insights that drove you to create the product,  posting topical articles that provide thought leadership is likely a better investment of you time. You can then augment the exposure of these articles (and by association your product) by investing in search to assist the visibility of this content and get subsequent awareness from pass-along/repostings etc,

vangyi chongtoua Ecommerce, Education, Consumer products design and development

December 21st, 2014

Hi Doug, As stated before, there is no class tdoay and during the break. We 'll resume on Jan 4 2015. Happy Holiday, Merry Chrismast and Happy New year to your family! V