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APP idea,whats next?

Giulia Vanin Founder a Girex LTD

August 27th, 2020

Hi there,

i am keen in having a chat with someone in regard to this.

I have a APP idea i would like do develop that would help the recrutiment sector.

My focus is recruiting so i have no idea on how to plan, create, found and grow the app, but i know it will be an helpful product.

So now, what's next?

Any suggestion or help is well appreciated!

Matthew Mansour Technical CoFounder

Last updated on August 27th, 2020


If you are in the market for an experienced technical co-founder don't lead with "I have an app idea."

Instead tell us about your ideal customer.

What problem are you solving for her?

Do you already have a tribe of her built and ready to market to on instagram, or a facebook group, or a b2b network?

Tell us your go-to-market plan.

Do you want a lifestyle business or a VC backed tech flip?

The "app idea" is the least valuable part of everything I mentioned above.

The idea stage is exciting.

And the answers to the questions above can get you headed in the right direction.

Jett T. Angel investor, startup advisor, entrepreneur, ideator, engineer, published author, producer, ...

August 27th, 2020

Hi Giulia,

Your very first step should be to spend a substantial amount of time researching whether your idea already exists or not. This is so often overlooked by aspiring founders, yet absolutely essential. Feel free to DM me if you would like to discuss next steps after that.

Ross Edwards

August 27th, 2020

Hello. I am a software developer and I work on MVPs including apps and web sites. It would be easier to speak with you more directly about this then through just a comment as there are alot of parts to this question and it would be easier to go through them with you on a call or multiple calls. So please feel free to DM me.

Putting that aside, one recommendation i have to develop wireframes or some way to describe how the app needs to work specifically how the screens will work. I work with a number of founders building mvps and i can say with certainty the ones with a wireframe or even a comparable application are much more straight forward to work with. Meaning the development is more straight forward because there is specific functionality and screen elements that can be discussed. When there aren't wireframes the conversation tends to go around in circles and will stall out alot. Also the app sometimes will end up not being what you wanted or needed because the details were unclear.

From a technical point of view there are many options that can be used to develop an app that will really depend on many factors related to the apps needs and expected scaling. So this is something that i would plan to go over with you on a call.

Putting all this aside, as the other comment mentioned finding ways to validate the idea is also a good idea. Making sure there is a market for the product and making sure it is offering a value to its intended use base.

Also some ideas need a product built in order to be validated whereas some can be validated without one. So then it's just a question of building and getting users. As opposed to having to verify the product first.

So perhaps we can setup a call and go over this in more details.

David M

August 27th, 2020

Evaluate the opportunity, then write a business plan.

Mark Malis Retired Software Exec & Pro Bono Mentor

August 28th, 2020

Hi Giulia,

I mentor small business owners and startups for free as part of SCORE ( Although I help all types of businesses, I specialize in software, since that's my background. We typically mentor in pairs, so you'll get 2 of us. Let me know if you're interested.

Clay Nichols Helping other startups grow after launching 2 successful startups.

September 1st, 2020

What is the pain you are solving?