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Any webite where one can find the estimate Budget to get an Android app Development?

TARANMEET SINGH KAKKAR I am an entrepreneur want to hire developer for the android app development

September 27th, 2019

If I have the list of feature set with me , road map , Scope of work with me.What is the best way to get the estimate budget to develop an Android app, I know that no one can tell the exact budget but I need an estimate that it can be done around X amount, accordingly I can plan how to proceed.

TARANMEET SINGH KAKKAR I am an entrepreneur want to hire developer for the android app development

Last updated on September 27th, 2019

Thanks David, this site gives very misguided estimate, this is actually works on some pre-defined functionalities.One more site I got to know about which is ''

Let me know if you know any other sites. Means alot

Roger Hunt Advisor, Product

September 27th, 2019

Unfortunately it’s a crazy game out there right now. Frankly, don’t build anything until you have a customer base asking for it. Seems like a catch-22 but it’s the easiest one you’ll deal with along the entrepreneurial path. Bottom line: don’t give anyone money until you have a high probability of ROI. NB: your hope or belief in your self is NOT the same as a high probability. All best, Roger: Best number: 781 320 2501 Schedule something:

TARANMEET SINGH KAKKAR I am an entrepreneur want to hire developer for the android app development

September 27th, 2019

Thank you Roger, actually I believe the app is required and will attract a large user base as I am trying to mix 2 to 3 concepts, and want to go module wise. Main USP is the content and I think I can execute it as a new social media platform having some new stuff. Though the team working with me had developed some simple apps like Food delivery and all, but here in this case we cannot start service until the app is ready. Also, as will get large video traffic, so for that I am looking for the investment and advice how should I proceed.

Nick Dyer Founder & CEO Evaware Ltd

September 28th, 2019

Hi Taranmeet,

The biggest problem with online calculators is that they tend to be a front for the company that posted the calculator to then offer to develop what you just described. Here’s a Hackermoon article (No Calculator) that gives you some good background information without trying to get your details to then harass you on email / phone. There is also a handy table there about what features cost on average to develop.

This next link is a front for a development shop but at least you get a result without having to leave your name etc.

Egor Litvinenko Software Architect, Engineer

Last updated on October 6th, 2019

If you know your budget, you can just say "this is it". Fixed price. Upwork, for example, has this kind of contract. Possible freelancers and companies could provide their estimations, you could ask them to do it, so you will know the market. And you don't need to accept any offer.

But keep things simple, please, for your MVP.

In my practice, I have two noticeable examples.

The first one. A woman wanted an app, where she sells clothes (small business, just started). As a result, I just showed her that the site could be a separate icon on iOS.

The second.

The startup wanted a mobile app. People go to the mall and see all sales, ads, etc. from shops in that mall. And they could be navigating within the app to a particular shop. They wanted location tracking in the mall (it is not easy task to implement). And they wanted it in the first MVP. I convinced them, that in the first MVP they more than enough just show clients sales ... and all other stuff corresponding to client needs. They saved thousands on the first MVP, got clients.

The point is that complex features should be implemented when you already have clients. In most cases, it's possible.

Omoniyi David Oladele CEO of Def Resolutionz with 10 years as Digital Marketing Lead Generation Manager

September 27th, 2019

Hi taranmeet kindly check the link below i think that should help