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Any tips for hiring developers into an expat role?

Adam Breen Digital Product Strategist at CPDone Pty Ltd

June 23rd, 2015

We run a distributed team (across Australia, Philippines, and wherever our digital nomad guy is currently -- Korea?). That said, we do have some staff in our Manila office (where we also run backoffice operations and business development).

We've realised that it would be very beneficial to leverage a young (25-30 yrs?) developer who is passionate about tech and mentoring, and has an interest in living in South East Asia. We really need someone like that who can provide some structure and technical guidance to the local developers in Manila, who will benefit from this person's experience in high-end projects that they haven't had the opportunity to be involved with due to location.

As an expat myself, I'm keenly aware that this sort of life isn't for everyone. So I think the ideal candidates will be people who have either travelled a lot in South East Asia, or even better, already lived somewhere very different to "home".

My challenge is that I've never tried to hire for that sort of role. Can anyone suggest a good way to approach finding good people?

Tomas Gutierrez Partner at Scalable Path | Product Architect | On-Demand CTO | Entrepreneur

July 31st, 2015

Hey Adam - we provide this type of support and leadership for US based startups/tech-companies. However, one of our executives will be moving to Hong Kong. Perhaps talking to him would be great to discuss your needs, get ideas, or onboard him hourly as needed to get this done. Let me know if interested.

Juan Zarco Managing Director, Silicon Valley Ventures Growth Partners llp

August 2nd, 2015

I am finding out that nowadays you can find easily relocable staff for international operations.  However, note that doing so raises international corporate presence and other compliance matters dissimilar to the USA.  And, in the case of one company, Microstrategy, found out that U.S. rules don't apply out there, and corporate structures are critical in minimizing international taxes. Even HR has to be localized to be effective.