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Any Recommendations for Speaking / Lecturing Opportunities Around UI, UEX, Design, Mobile?

Michael Chanover Head of Design at Shopkick

July 9th, 2016

I'm looking to line up some speaking / lecturing opportunities around UI, UEX, Design, Mobile. What are your favorite events, conferences, groups, etc. that I should reach out to? 

Shobhit Verma Ed Tech Test Prep

July 9th, 2016

Hi Michael,
One option is to launch a course on something like Udemy. That generally also serves as a good lead generator ( I assume that is what you are really looking for instead of lecturing opportunities). If you do want to teach an online course, there are some startups looking for course creators that I can introduce you to.

Daniel Turner Available

July 9th, 2016


Do you have a set of talks/papers that you've already published? A history of teaching, either academically or running internal company seminars? What is your area of expertise, and what could you bring? What's your motivation for doing this?

I went from journalism to UX, so writing and publishing for me is a way to ask and investigate a question, bring people into a discussion, or call out a problem I see and suggest a solution (you can see some stuff at I've adapted some of these into talks, and some of what I've written has grown out of lectures I've given when teaching UX.

Be prepared to have to prepare proposals. I've submitted talk proposals to IASummit and have gotten great feedback, which made future work better. But be aware there are tons of people who give great talks; focus on what insight or questions you can bring that makes you worth considering over the other three dozen people who are also looking to line up such "opportunities".


July 9th, 2016

we're looking for a speaker at let me know if you're interested.