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Any help on approaching Corporates for employee wellness?

Pranay Choudhry Founder & Marketing Lead at Actozen

October 9th, 2016

I have a startup that is launching a product for the wellness of women. It is meant to be an assistant for the people who want to be healthy but are too busy to fit in a exercise routine or eat properly. I know this comprises of a lot of people but we figured that a sizeable majority of women that would form our initial target market (a focus play for a startup) would be working in companies. We are trying to approach the corporates but are encountering some troubles. Here is where I need some help from the community. 

  1. Would they not be interested in doing a pilot with us? We want to give them a 3 month period to try out the solution for their employees
  2. Is approaching the HR of the company the best way? Or would approaching CEO's and senior management be a better strategy?
  3. A classic startup vs corporate problem: Any tips on how we can evoke some confidence in our value proposition and that we can deliver what we are proposing at the end of the 3 month trial period?

Brian DeVore CEO and Co-Founder; Healthcare Consultant

October 9th, 2016

Wellness has had a hard time proving a demonstrable ROI (and sometimes even a benefit vs. doing nothing )against the projected ROI by startups.  That makes the space harder for larger corporate customers who are considering alternatives.  What size of corporations are you looking at for your pilots?  Smaller companies (<5000) would be more willing given they don't have the resources to do similar in house and less political issues when dealing with new vendors.  The flip side is there may not be a huge population that will use your solution so the uptake may be low and the pilot's denominator too small to prove benefits.  HR, while not the best place to start, is likely the most logical.  Look for HR benefits folks who are part of local or regional healthcare coalitions which suggest they may be frustrated with the status quo and open to new innovations.  Alternatively, find a current vendor in place with the company you are thinking about and see if your solution can tag team on what they currently have in place with a clearly defined benefit and way to measure results.