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Any experience with online investment sites?

Mark Graham President & CEO at Caiman, Inc.

January 26th, 2017

We tried one of the online investment sites and was pretty disappointed. Wondered if our experience was similar to others.

Went through the process of polishing and submitted business proposal. Then nothing happened. Natural reaction was that our project just was not that appealing. However, a friend who is an avid investor offered to sign up and was not even able to find our business proposal. Further, he was inundated with solicitations for offshore opportunities.

So the game appears to be that the site was really a trap for getting contact information of high net worth individuals. By submitting your proposal to the site you are providing the bait for them. I am assuming that keeping you away from the investors serves their purpose since if you found an investor quickly you would not be on the site any more.

Tired of having our time wasted with funding efforts. Let me know if anyone has anything good to say about online funding sites and/or efficiency in seeking investors generally. Personal experiences please, do not trust marketing of sites you are associated with for reasons above.