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Any exciting ideas related to community based platform with social media aspect.

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July 5th, 2018

Dear readers,

One of the exciting feature - which we are rolling out in 90 days is a social media aspect (communities) on our platform. Since we are tightening the loose end, I thought, it`s a perfect opportunity to ask you guys.

- What are the things you would love to have in community based platform?

- What is missing today?

- What you do not like?

- Which feature will help you to connect emotionally.

I connect mostly all things with heart first and believe in emotional I.Q, while keeping user empathy in my head.

Cant wait to see some ideas connect with heart! because - everything starts with the heart.

P.S. - Privacy & GDPR is a big thing for me - I am HR IT professional since 1999 :-)


Saquib Khan