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Any advice on finding a sales and marketing partner/ co-founder?

Anthony Todd DriveFreedom CEO

May 4th, 2021

I am looking for a sales and marketing partner (equity) for DriveFreedom in the USA and the CFL Network service has produced poor results. It seems everyone has a startup and wants to be the CEO (fair enough) or wants to be an consultant or solicit work (not nice). Others don't want to join until you are a major success and funded. To those I say- Then why would I need you?

I welcome your advice on ways to find a real equity type sales and marketing partner. Although I don't use the term co-founder only because the rest of us are already working, the person would be in at the start. We are in a beta phase, not funded and no real users.

DriveFreedom Classifieds is a web app for car sales and mobility services. The first part is simply understandable- free and low cost ads for p2p car sales, designed to bring large volumes of persons buying and selling cars.

The second part is taking other aspects of car-related mobility services- taxi/ ride hailing, limos, shopping agents, delivery drivers, etc and encouraging them to place free ads. this is not for everyone but for a sub-section of legal, insured driver owned vehicle services. Example- an established limo company is a legal entity. Apart from the listings we have other tools to match drivers and customers. Our disruptive nature? No commission fees so we cannot be beaten on price, choice or security.

Don't confuse us with Uber or DoorDash. We are more like Craigslist for cars, just prettier and more functional. How to buy, sell, rent, hire and make money. Or find a mover, wedding car or tow truck when you need it. And so on.

The partner we are seeking must reside in a major USA city, be open to direct marketing, guerilla marketing, sales, with recognized social media marketing skills. Skills as a content provider such as a writer, graphic artist or video maker are welcome. The main thing is 'hustle' and results. Must be willing to provide over 20 hours a week for no wage at this time.

We are a team of 3 remote- management, web design, and code. Now we need a marketing partner to help create traction and make us eligible for seed funding. Being a car nut may help.

Can you recommend anyone? Is this you? Can you give advice on finding someone suitable? Learn more at