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Alternative to upwork

Ariel Silahian "CTO as A Service" I help #fintech startups | Helping to manage your own Development team and tech

June 11th, 2020

We currently have a small team that we hired from upwork for a year now and we are looking to have an alternative to move out from it.

We want to avoid their higher fees and have better monitoring of our freelancers.

Does anyone know a good alternative to this?

Things we are looking for:

- Ability to handle the payments easily

- Monitor their hours and see what they were working on

- Track hours and invoices

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

June 21st, 2020

So you're having trouble with contractor management/supervision? Or are you having trouble with finding contractors in the first place? The purpose of UpWork is to find contractors in the first place.

Managing any freelancers/contractors is an issue completely separate from where you find them or what they're paid.

The nature of contracting is that they aren't supervised. Once you start supervising them, you pretty much have the definition of an employee. It sounds like you want employees without the burden of employees. That's not going to happen.

If the issue over managing hours is that you feel like the contractors may be inefficient and billing for more time than things take, then simply seek contractors who work on a project basis instead of an hourly basis. That way you get finished output for a specific price, and you can stop worrying about monitoring their hours. The more work you give to a contractor, the more likely they would be willing to work for a fixed price, especially if you have completed some small jobs together to get a sense of how easy you are as a work-assigner and how much you change your mind after scoping the work.