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Airline miles as a reward - best site to buy airlines miles and issue the same to consumers?

AJAY BAM Ceo and Co-founder at Vyrill Inc

February 5th, 2014


We are considering airline miles, which is a proven rewards program, for rewarding consumers for our product insights platform.  Anybody knows a great site to buy these for less and then be able to reward the consumer to their airline frequent flyer id?

Also, if anyone has other ideas of a proven rewards currency, you are welcome to make suggestions here.  Curious if someone has a better idea for an authenticated and verified form of rewards other than airline miles?

Thank you,

Patrick Hooft Vice President & Director of Operations at Uniglobe Travel British Isles

February 5th, 2014

 Thank you for your e-mail. I'm currently out of the office attending the Business Travel Show and have very limited access to e-mails, and will return on the 6th February 2014. For any urgent matters please e-mail or call 0845 257 0332 Patrick

Adam Alvin Marketing

April 6th, 2018

Airlines have their frequent fliers programme which you have to become a member and earn miles every-time you book flights and fly. Examples: Egyptair Plus, Air India - Flying Returns, Jet Airways - Jet Privilege etc.