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Acquiring multimedia content rights for small scale testing

Dmitri Toubelis

February 5th, 2014

We are finalizing development of multimedia distribution technology and we started planing for the pilot implementation. We are planning to start with small group of 100-200 beta testers and we would like to run this trial on 500-1000 titles of movies and TV shows, but we need to get content rights for this. We are located in Canada we can run trials pretty much anywhere depending on content right situation and US is an option too.

Does anyone have any recommendations for where to start? 

Duane Nickull Chief Marketing Officer, Co-Founder at Cheddar Labs

February 5th, 2014

I am in Canada too.

I would recommend using the Creative Commons search tool for video.  You can filter content results by license type and grab the content you need that is licensed in a way you require it.  It should be easy to find.

Duane Nickull