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A CMO's 100-day plan/framework for a SaaS startup?

Deborah Baron Chief Strategy Officer at Align Matters

March 1st, 2016

We are a SaaS analytics business, have a handful of B2B customers and will investigate self-service subscription products. I'm putting together a 100-day Marketing plan to build momentum and structure, and am looking for a good template or framework. Welcome your suggestions!

Sam McAfee Building better technology leaders and teams

March 1st, 2016

At Neo, we developed a 12 week process to go from concept to MVP. It included customer development and some degree of sales/marketing. It's very experiment focused.

Is that the sort of thing you need?

UPDATE: I'll take the upvote as a "yes". Here is an article about the process for one of our

I can ping you directly to chat about the framework in more detail. Anyone else want to discuss this offline in realtime, I'd be happy to. :)

UPDATE 2: Would also note that our work at Neo was derived from a variety of sources, including Steve Blank, Eric Ries, Ash Maurya, Janice Fraser, and many others, and then remixed and mashed up with our own experience. All of this is open and not anyone's precious IP. We never produced a specific documentation or white paper, so whatever I have is spread out in different blog posts and case studies. FWIW, Neo was acquired last month by our friends at Pivotal Labs, and Pivotal may take more care to publicize the process once they incorporate it. In the meantime, if folks think it'd be useful for me to write a blog post or two detailing our method as more of a step-by-step recipe, perhaps I can do that.

UPDATE2: I'll take those updates as a yes, that it would be useful. So, I'll put something together in the next couple weeks and post it at Stay tuned...

UPDATE3: OK! Here it is, folks: There is probably a lot more detail I could add, but this is the basic flow. I'll try and continue to flesh it out as I remember bits and pieces. Would love your feedback.

Stefan Pagacik Innovation Catalyst | Impact Platform Development, Finance and Human Capital Advancement

March 1st, 2016

Hi Deborah:

It would help to know what markets your customers are in, how many new customers you want to bring in before year end and if you are going after new markets or are saturating existing markets. That will drive some of the decision making for your 100 day plan.

My rule of thumb is to start with the outcomes you wish to achieve and work backwards. Looking out 100 days from tomorrow, what are the results you are seeking? 100 new customers? 1000 new customers? 500 renewals using the subscription service and 500 newbies? You need to clearly define your objectives, get buy in from all decision makers including the person who writes the checks at your company and then work backwards from those objectives. Questions to ask are: will we need financing? More people? Collateral? a social media strategy? channel relationships? a strat partner? What are individual or team roles and expectations? Task list? Once you have the answers, you can lay out a plan in any number of project planners that are available online or create your own. Software or tools can only help you measure your progress. Actions by you and your team will determine success or failure.


March 1st, 2016

Hi Deborah, I spent the last 4 months coming up with my own 100 day plan for my SaaS software. It will need a deeper dive into all my research and planning so you can adapt it to your own product. Feel free to schedule a meeting and invite others that might be interested. I can probably save people the 4 months of work I have already spent. I am traveling till Mar 5th. will be available for a focused meetup in the Bay Area or SF after Mar 8. JP

Chaitra Vedullapalli Cloud Architect | CMO | Strategic Business Development | 3D Printing | Marcomm, eCommerce | Organizer

March 1st, 2016

Hi there, I have an assessment and action plan i can provide to you via email. Can you reach out to me via Linkedin. 

Guilherme Camargos Partner at Toro Investimentos

March 8th, 2016

Hi Deborah,

Here's Noah Kagan's original marketing plan for Mint. Might add some value for your research:

Partner at Toro Radar

Terry Mackin Remarkable Partners, LLC

May 13th, 2016

  1. Determine who you are trying to reach-Target Audience.
  2. Where are the "influencers" in the area where you compete? See Buzzsumo type product for how to attract influencers, what social channels they frequent and what are the most important topics.
  3. Use Google Adwords to find keywords to attract attention to content distribution via social media channels.
  4. Do a competitive landscape assessment to evaluate how your company stacks up.
  5. What is your platform's value proposition?  I mean what specific problems can you solve for prospects (critical)?
  6. Build an understanding of content marketing for B2B.
  7. Brand social media channels that best fit your prospective market.
  8. Develop a 6 month and one year content development plant that will build your reputation as a "thought leader."
  9. Meet with a cross-section of prospective clients to develop a thesis on what problems are common.
  10. Repeat #'s 1 and 9 every day.

Steve De Long Learning Faster Than Anyone Else.

March 1st, 2016

This isn't a detailed plan but an overview of what should be done in the first 100 days as a new marketing director:

On Quora there are a couple of good 30/60/90 day answers:


Aleksandr Yarmolatii Experienced in Motion Graphics, Design, Video Production and Automation

March 1st, 2016

Hi Deborah,
What sort of plan? 
I have some financial plans and models for startups and I'm happy to share. 


Heidi Grunwald Deputy Director at Policies for Action: Research on Policy and Law in a Culture of Health

March 1st, 2016

If such a 100 day plan exists for sales/marketing SaaS I'd LOVE to see it.

Barry Bryant Strategy, Vision, Ideation, Invention, Innovation

March 1st, 2016

Hi Deborah,

Jira, Axosoft, TeamPulse, TFS, depending on your process, methodology and team and size.  These support agile to make the most of your 100 day window.

Good luck!